Mission & Vision

The mission of the Not Yet Foundation is to support any individual, group, or organization that shares the desire to help others improve their overall state of being which includes the body, mind, and soul.  We begin our mission with helping the hungry to have access to organic and nutritional food; provide educational opportunities to the underprivileged; and provide rehabilitative resources for those in psychological and/or spiritual need.  We believe that every day and everyone matters and can make a difference for a better world.

The work of the foundation is inspired by a vision that all living beings deserve a comfortable existence starting with the three core necessities – food, water, and shelter.  We acknowledge that we are “not yet” where we need to be as a global community and that the opportunities to help improve the lives of others are vast.  The guiding principle of our work is the belief that a healthy body is the foundation for a more productive life.  We focus our attention on providing healthy food access to the hungry and continue our work with helping improve the intellect and spirit for those in need.

The Not Yet Foundation is self-sustained and we conduct our business by providing direct cash support to organizations that are in alignment with our mission.

Preference is given to projects which support:

  • Healthy food access to the hungry
  • Clean water initiatives
  • Educational opportunities to the underprivileged
  • At-risk youth programs
  • Children and infants
  • Senior service programs
  • Equine-assisted therapy

The Not Yet Foundation does not review unsolicited applications for support.  All applications are by invitation only.