About Us

The Not Yet Foundation was established on June 7th 2012.    Every project funded will have a personal site visit by the President to ensure all projects are in alignment with the Not Yet Foundation mission. We believe in personalized interaction and have a hands-on approach to every project we support; offering our own time to volunteer on all funded projects.

Not Yet Foundation mark


The foundation supports the idea that every day and everyone matters and any help offered to another will make a big difference for a better world.


Our areas of interest are diverse and we strive to assist programs in line with our mission, which we find to be inherently sustainable. Not Yet Foundation's primary partnerships rely on providing organic and nutritious food to the hungry as well as ensuring access to clean water for those most in need. We support the local organic farming industry, farmer’s markets and any organization that collaborates to deliver healthy food programs. The foundation also supports at-risk youth groups; equine-assisted therapy; educational needs; and programs aimed at assiting the elderly. Other projects which the foundation involves itself with include aiding children in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Africa.

The foundation finds success in creating opportunities for organizations to build new programs; ones which will improve humanity's overall wellness. The ultimate goal is to promote perpetual giving by lending a helping hand to organizations so that they may continue their good work and foster growth and sustainability . We conduct our work with the foundation’s core values in mind and hope to inspire the philanthropic spirit in all of those whom we encounter.

The Not Yet Foundation is non-profit and a 501(c)(3) supporting organization.