Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center – Horse Sponsorship

Sponsor a Horse (Gigi)Annual sponsorship for a horse enables Little Bit to continue providing high quality care which includes: feeding, shavings, horse shoes, veterinary care, and training for Gigi. This will ensure the very best service to the riders who seek equine-assisted therapy.

Little Bit subscribes to hippotherapy. Hippotherapy (HOPT) from Greek “hippo” meaning “horse” is an intensive one-on-one therapy session with a physical, occupational, or speech therapist utilizing the movement of the horse as a treatment strategy. HPOT does not teach riding skills; instead the goals are geared towards independence with functional activities of daily living. The movement of the horse creates a multi-sensory experience that is manipulated and graded by the therapist. The movement imparted to the patient from the horse’s movement creates a pattern that is similar to normal walking in the patient. This movement cannot be duplicated in traditional clinical settings. As a result of the horse’s movement, the patient makes improvements including balance, strength, coordination, and postural symmetry. Improvements in these areas result in increased independence with functional activities such as walking, dressing and communication. Depending on an individual’s need, clinic treatment is incorporated in the on-site therapy room or the functional environment of the barn to either prepare the patient for the movement of the horse or address functional goals after the movement of the horse has prepared the patient’s body.

Little Bit has improved the lives of many through the above technique. We support their mission and share their passion for this venue of therapy.