Ponheary Ly Foundation

Ponheary Ly Foundation believes in rebuilding Cambodia’s education and not to splinter the existing school system by building private schools but rather by empowering local communities to learn to run their own schools and creating sustainability and strength within that system. They do not construct new buildings nor rewrite the curricula when these things already exist, but rely on the support built around them until they can stand again on their own.

Since 2017 Ponheary Ly Foundation and NYF have formed a partnership to remove the primary obstacle inhibiting children from attending public school in Cambodia by providing school uniforms and supplies to each student as mandated by the Cambodian government. This is currently being done in primary and secondary schools serving over 2800 students; of which 51% of the recipients were girls.

This program is one of the most critical and central to all of the work PLF does. The distribution of a clean set of clothes and school supplies gives rural and disadvantaged children access to the world of education. Without this project nothing else can happen.