Water 1st International – Khulna, Bangladesh

Our Grant support to Water 1st is a 3 year commitment to support the expansion of a successful clean water program in Bangladesh’s third largest city, Khulna. From 2015 – 2018 there will be work in 12 slum areas that are home to 15,000 people in need of clean water and sanitation. The primary goals of this project will be to increase access to clean water and toilets and to increase hygiene awareness and practice. The result will be a decrease in illnesses and an increase in time and monetary savings for a better quality of life.

This project will build approximately 82 water systems and 42 toilets across the 12 neighborhoods. A long term outcome will be the organization of community groups to determine highest priority projects and provide structure to implement sustainable solutions.

Water 1st will work directly with local organizations to ensure projects are completed as planned and with high quality services. The Not Yet foundation supports the infrastructure implemented by Water 1st that will help improve the lives of those with limited resources.