Nutrition First – WIC Chef Training

WIC Chef Training

WIC chef trainingOur grant support will enable WIC Nutrition Assistants statewide to attend a three day culinary training program that will serve over 3,000 WIC clients in 2013. The WIC program serves low income women, infants, and children with checks to purchase healthy foods, health screenings, and nutrition education.

The “WIC Chef Training” project will facilitate culinary and nutrition knowledge for WIC providers with hands on application in order to teach staff and clients basic cooking techniques and how to prepare healthy recipes using the WIC food package. WIC Nutrition Assistants will use their food demonstration skills to teach nutrition education and have cooking classes for WIC clients in their communities.

This project aims to improve health and nutrition and reduce the incidence of obesity for low income women and children in our state by addressing one of the barriers to eating a balanced diet – lack of knowledge and education in preparing these foods.

The Not Yet Foundation supports Nutrition First’s mission to improve health and prevent obesity in economically disadvantaged families through good nutrition, health education, and access to healthy foods.