Grant Support 2017

Water 1st International

Khulna Grant supports “Expansion of Water and Sanitation” projects in Khulna, Bangladesh serving over 5,500 individuals throughout a total of 8 communities.

Dima Jeliwan Grant supports construction of a water supply system in Dima Jeliwan, Ethiopia serving 720 households and roughly 3,800 individuals.

19 de Outubro Grant supports 19 de Outubro Water and Sanitation project in Mozambique serving 1500 people who live in rural Quisaanga District.

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

Exclusive sponsorship grant for an equine-health program serving those in need of equine assisted therapy.

Sponsorship for “Tuition Aid for Participants” project to assist families in need of affordable access to therapeutic services.

Living the Dream Foundation

Donation given in support of Snohomish High School Fight Hunger in which 151,002 meal packs were assembled and packed to be distributed to areas of need in Haiti.

Bellingham Food Bank

Grant support for the “Food Bank Fresh” program serving over 11,500 low income families with farm fresh produce.

Vin Son Orphanage

Sponsorship support to provide two deliveries of food and supplies (July and November) for 700 children in 6 orphanages in Vietnam

 Homage Senior Services

Grant support to continue supplementing “Meals on Wheels” with fresh farm produce serving over 1,00 homebound seniors in Snohomish County.

Ponheary Ly Foundation

Provides school uniforms and supplies for 2600 kids across 5 Primary Schools in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

Boom Talk Media

Donation for Fund Raiser for Sister Jose Women’s Center in Tucson, AZ