Grant Support 2018

Water 1st International

An exclusive grant from NYF finished up its fourth year (Apr ’15 – Dec ’18) in Khulna, Bangladesh. The “Expansion of Water and Sanitation” projects served a total of 8 slums with NYF directly impacting 4 slums and over 5500 residents. These projects brought about piped water systems and toilets to schools and public areas as well as household solid waste collection and hygiene education.

A grant currently in its 3rd year of construction for Dima Jeliwan, Ethiopia will provide a water system for approximately 720 households. The project addresses the community’s dire need for access to clean water and will focus on implementing water connections inside the home.

A grant for Mozambique will address the need to construct a water supply system for the town of Bilibiza home to over 1,000 people.  This project will provide household water taps as well as toilets inside the home to an area with no community water supply.

Bellingham Food Bank

Continued support for the “Food Bank Fresh” program to address hunger and food insecurity in Bellingham, WA by increasing the availability of quality produce to food bank families.  The focus of this program is to work with local farms to bring fresh, nutritious, and locally grown produce to struggling families who otherwise would not have access to buy these high quality groceries.

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

The “Open Gym Therapy Pilot Project” will support in-room treatment as a supplement to equine-assisted therapy at the center. The NYF grant supplied gym equipment, therapy toys, swings, mats, and slides as well as funded the creation of a rock wall and ball pit for continued child development.

NYF will also continue to sponsor two horses from the herd that serve those in need of equine assisted therapy.

Living the Dream Foundation

Donation was given in support of an annual event hosted at Snohomish High School where students donate their time to assemble and pack meals to be sent to Haiti.

Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Inc.

NYF piloted a program to serve foster care children in Rio Rancho, NM that focuses on children being able to build healthier relationships, increase trust, improve self-confidence, and control their emotions through therapeutic equine interactions.

Pencils of Promise

An exclusive grant from NYF was used to build a primary school for K1 and K2 students in Adedome, Ghana with the addition of providing electricity. It is not uncommon for students to have their classrooms under a tree and exposed to the elements while waiting on an opportunity for a school structure to be built.

Homage Senior Services

NYF grant continues to provide additional fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal delivery for the Meals on Wheels program in Snohomish County.  This grant provides supplemental produce to 1000 homebound seniors who otherwise would not have access to such nutritional foods.

Children of Vin Son Orphanage

Exclusive grant to the Vin Son Orphanages in Kontum, Vietnam provides deliveries of food and necessities twice a year to over 700 children.

Ponheary Ly Foundation

NYF grant supplies 2800 students with uniforms and school supplies in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. Required to have a uniform and supplies in order to attend school in Cambodia, this program seeks to remove that obstacle for the families who rely on the meager income from subsistence farming and would otherwise have to keep their children at home.