Grant Support 2019

Water 1st International

NYF provided funds to construct a shared infrastructure water system along with water connections for the local school, health clinic and the construction of a bathroom for a primary school in Bilibiza, Mozambique.  Sadly, the village of Bilibiza was burned to the ground, along with our hearts.  For the people of Bilibiza who finally had something that was undeservedly taken away, it is difficult to understand how life can be this hard and so cruel. We very much wish to see the day when we may return to Mozambique so we can help these resilient and industrious people but unfortunately, we believe it is just not safe enough for us to continue our work there.

Bellingham Food Bank

2019 Food Bank Fresh program grant was able to reach about 18,000 clients per month across five locations.  NYF grant supported six local farms who provided roughly 52,000 pounds of produce to the food bank.

An additional grant to the food bank this year was designed to significantly increase the number of Lummi Nation members who have access to fresh local produce. The Lummi Nation Produce Program directly serves the Lummi Food Bank and Lummi Health Clinic where 156,000 servings of fresh vegetables were provided to Whatcom County’s lowest income community.

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

Continued sponsorship of three horses in 2019 to which the high quality therapeutic and adaptive riding experience is vital. The horses are cared for by a veterinary staff and trained volunteers who are highly skilled and can deliver an immersive experience in a controlled environment.

Homage Senior Services

Federal funding resources do not allocate fresh fruit and vegetables to be a part of subsidized meal programs. In partnering with the only organization in Snohomish County that delivers complete meals to homebound seniors, a 2019 grant from NYF allowed fresh produce to be supplemented along with their weekly meals administered by the Meals on Wheels program.

Children of Vin Son Orphanage

NYF continual grant supports the food and milk program serving six orphanages in the impoverished Central Highlands of Vietnam. A grass roots campaign, this organization has no paid staff and relies on its eight board members and two co-founders to volunteer twice a year to travel to Vietnam in order to purchase and deliver food, milk, and supplies to the orphanages they support.

Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Inc.

A grant was given to Equine Assisted Activities for Foster Care Children and represents the second year of funding such a program for NYF.  Meeting it’s goal to serve foster children and their families, the program teaches trust, instills self confidence, balances emotions and increases scholastic achievement through the power found in equine therapy.  The unique ability of horses to consistently provide immediate feedback without judgement is what makes this program such a success.

Ponheary Ly Foundation

NYF continued support for the Education Access Children program directly impacts 2800 students.  This ongoing initiative allows for children in need to attend school by providing the government mandated school uniforms and supplies. Ponheary Ly Foundation works inside public schools alongside the school’s administration and teachers in order to build stronger community school systems.