grant support 2021

Bellingham Food Bank

Serving roughly 225,000 clients annually, Bellingham Food Bank created Food Bank Fresh, a nationally recognized program focused on cultivating relationships with local growers to provide high quality goods to struggling families. Economic in every sense of the word, this partnership with the farms allows for crops to be sold at a fair market value through contractual agreements with the food bank. Not only does this ensure the viability of local farms but it also provides a constant source of fresh, seasonally appropriate, and culturally relevant produce at the food bank. This grant in 2021 empowered 11 partner farms to grow well over 300,000 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables for Bellingham Food Bank. Demonstrating just how supportive these farm-to-food bank relationships are, those same 11 farms donated an additional 25,000 pounds of produce to BFB through gleaning programs at no cost.

Children of Vinh Son Orphanage

In partnership with Not Yet Foundation, Children of Vinh Son Orphanages brings food and necessities throughout the year to nearly 700 children in remote Vietnam. Even thru the struggles of Covid, and the impact on local supply chain and transportation, CVSO was able to make six deliveries to the 6 orphanages their organization supports relying on their strong ties to the region and the local relationships they have created over the years. This 100% volunteer-based organization makes a huge difference in the lives of orphaned children by sustaining a healthy environment in which to learn, grow and develop.


Nearly 2.2 million Americans do not have access to running water or a flush toilet in their home. DigDeep is the only domestic water project organization focused on solving this issue plaguing six “hot spots” within the United States.  The Appalachia Water Project Grant focused on providing 8 homes in McDowell County West Virginia with high pressure water lines.  Overall, this project area is set to connect 400 households by the end of 2022.  Using “a nothing about them, without them” approach, DigDeep partners with the local community in every aspect of their work to ensure engagement, involvement, and buy-in. More than half of the staff assigned to each project location is local to the site area including project directors and managers.

Hawaii Foodbank

Phase III of Hawaii Food Bank’s Farm to Foodbank Program focuses on the distribution of culturally relevant produce to food insecure households. The focus of this initiative is to engage those who live in rural communities, or newer immigrants to Hawaii of the benefits found within the resources of the Hawaii Foodbank. Thru funding from Not Yet Foundation, culturally relevant and fresh produce was locally sourced and purchased to enhance the offerings of the Hawaii Foodbank. In all, 19,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables were purchased including Okinawan sweet potatoes, papaya, pineapples, and long eggplant and distributed to nearly 17,000 residents in need. In sourcing locally, the grant also serves to support agricultural businesses through regular purchases and in turn stimulates the local economy.

Homage Senior Services

In an effort to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to seniors within Snohomish County, WA, Not Yet Foundation partners with Homage Senior Services and their Meals on Wheels program.  The 2021 Fresh Produce for Senior Meals Grant enables Homage Senior Services to provide older adults and those with disabilities access to nutritious food by supplementing the prepared meal program with fresh produce all year long.  Even with increased demand and the continued struggles associated with the pandemic, Homage was able to reach over 2000 unique clients. Not only does supplementing nutrient dense produce to the prepared meals increase overall health, it also introduces many clients to items they may have never purchased for themselves due to perceived cost or cooking limitations.  In 2021, nearly 100,000 supplemented meals were delivered to those in need thru partnership with Homage.

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

2021 saw continued support for the Sponsor A Horse program with Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. In sponsoring Gigi, the overall health and fitness of the horse can be maintained so that the highest quality lessons and therapy can be delivered to clients. With nearly ten riders per week, Gigi actively participates in both Therapy and Adaptive Riding courses offered by Little Bit. The benefits of equine assisted therapy are numerous and span the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a patient. Approximately 400 children and adults are served annually through the therapeutic riding programs offered by Little Bit.

Ponheary Ly Foundation – Access to Education and Covid Food Relief

The Access to Primary School for Cambodian Students Grant was used by Ponheary Ly Foundation to provide school supplies and uniforms as well as much needed Covid food relief for 625 displaced students.  The effects of the pandemic along with the consequences from national lockdowns were especially felt in the rural communities of developing countries, including Cambodia. Recognizing that the most immediate need for these students was to stay healthy during the school shutdowns, the direction of funding for this grant was quickly shifted to provide for the delivery of food. 2600 students were initially given school supplies at the beginning of the year, however uniform orders were canceled and funding for the grant shifted to providing food for displaced students. The bi-monthly food drops allowed PLF to monitor the health and well-being of students, perform literacy tests and distribute educational homework packets, as well as take a role call of who was continuously showing up for the relief. PLF expects the data it has collected while at the food drops to significantly aid in preparation for the upcoming school year and attendance levels.

Ponheary Ly Foundation – Prey Kuol Water Project

A 2021 grant was issued to Ponheary Ly Foundation to complete a waterworks project at its most remote school location.  A water tower system developed by PLF was constructed including a handwashing station to increase sanitation efforts within the community and allow for easier clean water access for its residents. The waterworks project also enabled two wells (previously constructed but since decommissioned) to be fixed. For under $200 a year in maintenance, hundreds of people in this remote community can have access to life saving, clean water.

Seattle Good Business Network

A 2021 Good Food Kitchens Grant was given to the Food Innovation Network to support eight community kitchens. Over a six-week period, these kitchens provided 655 culturally relevant meals, primarily using locally grown produce. The meals were then directly distributed to four recipient organizations that include clients who are low-income seniors and refugees. The grant allowed for eight restaurants to be paid fair market value for the meals they created. In turn, the communities in need are provided with healthy and nutritious meals, the restaurants can employee more workers, and can sustain a profitable business model. The impacts are far reaching with multifaceted grants such as the one provided to the Food Innovation Network.


Originally scheduled for 3 years, the Chepkebit Community Water Pillar Project Grant was completed one year ahead of schedule due to the eagerness and participation from the Chepkebit community and partners on the ground. Propelled by the urgent need for clean water access during the pandemic, community members and local officials recognized that immediate action was necessary.  2000 community members will benefit from a solar powered, main water kiosk with three taps located at the community school, 8 new latrines, as well door to door sanitation campaigns led by the local Water Management Committee. Access to clean water encourages changes in hygienic behavior that can ultimately change the sustainability of a community for generations.

Water 1st International

Funding for the 4-year Demand Driven Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services Grant continued in 2021 with projects focused on the urban poor residing in Khulna, Bangladesh.  Prioritizing 13 areas that have no access to water or toilets, the local partner of DSK is constructing toilets and water systems at people’s homes for regular daily use. Requiring residents to repay the construction cost loan within a two -year period instills ownership, responsibility, and most importantly sustainability within the communities.  In order to promote awareness and understanding, hygiene education campaigns for the community accompany the water system installations.  To date, 91 water systems have been built of which 80% are fully piped without requiring the use of a hand pump. Additionally, 23 toilets have been constructed providing services to 200 people.  In all, the water systems impact the lives of 3,100 residents.