Grant Support 2022

Free Range Health

Serving the senior communities and those in need of medical alternatives, Free Range Health endeavors to bring forth low-cost health and wellness programming to everyone. Thru exceptional service and knowledge in the field, clients receive advanced medical treatments including acupuncture, vitamin injections, and herbal formula prescriptions. Following a 2020 grant to update and streamline online services, a grant was issued in 2022 to further program expansion by providing an additional employee. While met with some unforeseeable challenges, Free Range Health was able to conduct over 1500 treatments among 98 unique patients with this funding. Not Yet Foundation looks forward to additional opportunities to support similar programming in the future when the occasion arises.

Ponheary Ly Foundation

Driven by the principle that education is a basic human right and need, Ponheary Ly Foundation serves the most underprivileged children and families in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. A grant in 2022 continued Not Yet Foundation support of this program to supply school uniforms and supplies to nearly 3,000 children.  As mandated by the Cambodian government that school children must provide their own uniform and supplies, these students would not have access to school if not for the efforts of Ponheary Ly Foundation. Still hindered by school closures and the pandemic, the success of this program is resounding. Only 92 students did not return to school and it is expected that by 2023 these students will be back along with an increase in overall attendance. Not Yet Foundation stands behind the guiding principle of education for all and will continue to promote sustainable education programs like Ponheary Ly Foundation in the future.

Homage Senior Services 

Snohomish County’s largest senior services provider, Homage, runs a county-wide meals on wheels program that reaches nearly 1800 unduplicated clients a year.  Roughly 750 meals are distributed weekly and a 2022 grant supplemented all of these meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Partnering with local produce suppliers, seniors are able to enjoy seasonal, fresh and healthy options along with their meals. Items such as local apples, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, pears, and bananas are included weekly. Feedback to this program continues to be overwhelmingly positive as the seniors, homebound, and disabled who rely on such meals can maintain a healthy lifestyle and are offered numerous options when it comes to their dining. Not Yet Foundation recognizes the importance of having access to healthy and nutritious food no matter the circumstance and will continue endeavors such as the fresh produce program with Homage in the future.

Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center

In efforts to provide equine therapy to those in the Bellingham community, Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center features numerous classes and programs that support those with disabilities along with veterans and anyone interested in the healing properties associated with horse-care. A 2022 grant funded the sponsorship of Henry, one of 6 horses associated with the riding center. With such funding, nearly 50 unique riders along with 1200 hours of horsemanship were conducted over 12 months. Understanding the benefits associated with such programs, it is Not Yet Foundation’s intention to continue funding therapeutic organizations like Northwest therapeutic Riding Center.

Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Center

Embarking on one of the largest projects to date, Not Yet Foundation funded a 2022 grant for a multi-year, multi-faceted capacity building and scaling project with Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Center.  After obtaining a much larger facility, Loving Thunder was awarded funding for capital improvements and various new employee salaries.  After years of funding specific programs, Not Yet Foundation recognized the desire and growth potential of Loving Thunder and has partnered with them in an overall expansion to ultimately bring therapeutic riding to hundreds of New Mexico riders. Funding for this grant will go through 2023 and highlight the services of a new development director, part-time assistants and improvements across the facility grounds.

Ho’Ola Farms

Teaming up with Ho’Ola Veteran Services, Not Yet Foundation began a new partnership in the agri-business and food insecurity sectors. Recognizing the immense resources that the island of Hawaii has, and the disconnect between the population receiving them, Ho’ola Farms was established to bridge local farmers to customers and the growing national trend for fresh, locally grown products. Supporting the community is at the heart of Ho’Ola’s mission and a grant was awarded to expand its Hilo Food Hub operation by purchasing a commercial kitchen space and outfitting it with appliances. With this kitchen and food hub space, nearly 35 tenants have the ability to expand their customer base as well as grow their business with a wider possibility of products to offer. The commercial kitchen serves to build entrepreneurial skills of smaller farmers and ranchers, provide an easy access point for customer distribution and builds upon the food hub as being an agricultural support system.

Children of Vinh Son Orphanage 

Continuing our partnership with Children of Vinh Son Orphanage, a grant was funded for the food and necessities of 6 orphanages in the Kontum Province of Vietnam. Food, milk, supplies and basic necessities are provided to over 700 children across the orphanages all lead, coordinated, and executed by a 100% volunteer led organization. Local communities are also greatly impacted by the presence of CVSO as they have helped to create lasting relationships, stabilized the youth population, and help bring in much needed infrastructure to some of the most remote villages in the country.  The dedication, humility and leadership of this organization ensures the success of such a program. A site visit for the first time will be planned for the summer of 2023.

Bellingham Food Bank

Revolutionizing the way food banks across the country operate, Bellingham Food Bank has pioneered various nationally recognized programs and introduced industry leading techniques that make food banks more streamlined and accessible while also assuring that clients experience a less stigmatized environment. in 2022, Not Yet Foundation continued funding the Food Bank Fresh program. An innovative approach to guaranteeing fair market value of goods to farmers while also securing fresh and seasonally appropriate produce throughout the entire year.  Food Bank Fresh serves to establish contractual agreements between local farmers (most of which are BIPOC) and the food bank where set amounts of goods are purchased.  This economic system ensures that the nearly 5000 monthly food bank clients are always receiving nutrient dense and seasonally appropriate fruits and vegetables while the local economy is supported thru the purchase of regional farm products at a fair price.

Hawaii Foodbank

In an effort to change course and bring focus to the importance of nutritious diets to the Hawaiian people, the Hawaii Foodbank has set upon a 5 year mission to “nourish ‘ohana today and work to end hunger tomorrow” by eliminating unhealthy food bank options and replacing it with more well-rounded dietary goods.  Grant funding to Hawaii Foodbank focused on securing culturally relevant and locally grown produce from farmers across Hawaii. With supplementing local produce, the Foodbank is able to reach a larger client base and also introduce more people to their programming.  Many people who relied on the Foodbank services were requesting more culturally appropriate goods, as often times some items were left un-used due to a lack of familiarity with the product. The Produce Purchase Grant allows the Foodbank to source high-demand items such as apple bananas, Japanese cucumber, taro, long bean, Okinawan sweet potato and among others to the nearly 120,000 monthly clients. Programs like this help to strengthen local agricultural systems and create healthier, more resilient communities.